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Physicals. Screenings. Exams. Immunizations. Birth control. Wellness counseling. If it makes you stronger, we work harder.

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Women’s Specialty Care makes it easy to get in, get educated and get on with good living.

Diversity of team, breadth of expertise and depth of focus opens up an entirely unique perspective on women’s health. Serving only women – and serving them extremely well – means we can uncover more subtleties that may trigger health issues later on.

When and how often to test:

Blood pressure screening: At least once per year unless family history puts you at risk.

Cervical cancer screening: Women 21-65 years of age should have a pap smear annually, unless your provider recommends a change in frequency based on your personal risk.

Cholesterol screening: Women 20 and older should screen annually. If overweight, testing should be more frequent.

Colon cancer screening: Women should begin screening at age 50 if they are free of any risk factors. Providers determine the frequency needed for each individual woman.

Osteoporosis screening: Women entering menopause should begin screening. Risk factors and results of the first screening determine future frequency.

Know your lifetime risk. Now. 

Women’s Specialty Care offers Genetic Cancer Testing to identify your likelihood of developing hereditary cancer – including breast, ovarian, colorectal and pancreatic, among others.

When to schedule a checkup outside of routine/preventive visits:

  • When you have any new, sudden or chronic health symptoms.
  • To check on the effects of new medication.
  • To assist with risk factors like smoking or obesity.
  • For ongoing prenatal care.
  • To guide lifestyle issues such as family planning, STD prevention and healthy eating.


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