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I want to thank all the staff at WSC for the wonderful experience of pregnancy-delivery with them. Everyone I had the pleasure of working with made me feel very comfortable. I had 14 years in between children and a lot to relearn. Dr. Ough was great at guiding me in the process and my delivery was fantastic. I recommend the birthing classes with Linda…even being a second time mom so much had changed. It’s easier to make decisions when you know what’s available. I also had the pleasure of being the first person to utilize their lactation consultant. What a life saver to get some tips on how to make it easier and to put my mind at ease that I’m doing it right. Thank you all for making me and my birth special. Kora thanks you 2. Born 05/22/2017 –  Christie.

Hysterectomy for Fibroids with Heavy Bleeding and Pain “This surgery was much quicker to recover than my previous C-Section. I am a 46-year-old single mom, with 3 young kids. The time off from work was critical to me as I needed to take the least amount of time off of work, so I could pay my bills. I have been dealing with female issues all my life. Finally, two years ago, I had to do something. So when faced with my options, I chose an ablation to try and control the bleeding. I also had the option of a hysterectomy then, but was afraid of having to take too much time off. The bleeding was controlled but now pain. In Nov 2011 I started having severe cramping in my abdomen. I was throwing up and crying from the pain. I dealt with this for 4 months and couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to have the hysterectomy with the da Vinci® .

This procedure was amazing. I wished I did this 2 years ago. In 4 days I could have been back to work, if I needed to. I stopped taking the pain medicine after 4 days from the surgery and continued over-the-counter medicine the next week for swelling. This procedure has allowed me to continue my life without major recovery. and I never had the amount of pain I had been experiencing prior to the surgery.

Dr. Cousson is an excellent doctor, I would recommend him to anyone having this surgery. He is open and honest. I am so thankful for this technology. It has given us women the ability to have procedures done that used to take a month to recover, but now is a week or two. The recovery is minimal because there are only 4 little slits that the instruments go into. I would recommend the da Vinci to anyone!!!!!!!” –  Shirley.

“I loved the care that everyone gives here. Everyone seems to genuinely care for each person visiting in the office. I would definitely recommend Women’s Specialty Care to friends and family in need of any services. I work at a Credit Union where we strive to give “WOW service. I would say that WSC delivers just that! WOW, service.” –  Jenny Pecor.

“I suffered for years with terrible back pain and ovulation. After several doctors and years of medication and one previous surgery, I decided to go go ahead with a hysterectomy. Downtime was minimal and my pain was gone within 4-5 weeks. I no longer have back pain. I’m grateful to Dr Coussons for listening to me. Everyone @ WSC is amazing.” –  Colleen G.

I highly recommend Dr. O’Toole. I have nothing but good to say about him (and his nurse Kelsey).

This is a summary of my personal experience… After 2 positive pregnancy tests in July, my husband and I found out at the Ultrasound that I should have been 8 weeks along, but that I had miscarried. Dr. O’Toole explained everything thoroughly (statistically how common this is, that we can wait 2 weeks and do another ultrasound to make sure – for my peace of mind, and that if I do not miscarry naturally, it will require a D&C procedure). When my husband and I went back 2 weeks later and confirmed there was no further growth or heartbeat, he talked to us in detail about the D&C procedure, reassured us of his abilities, and provided details about his schooling and personal life- helping to ease my fears about the procedure and potential complications. We were confident I was in good hands, and the D&C went smoothly. Although it was a horrible thing to go through, it really meant a lot to us how caring and empathetic the Dr was. I found out I was pregnant again in January and have been going to Dr. O’Toole for the past 6 months. There were a few potential complications (subchorionic hematoma, placenta previa, and a cyst on the brain) that they monitored and thankfully all ended up not being an issue. We appreciated again how thorough Dr. O’Toole was explaining everything to us – he has said he would rather give us too much info than keep anything from us.

This review is kind of lengthy, but I hope it helps reassure any women looking for a great OB in Green Bay, how wonderful Dr. O’Toole is at Women’s Specialty Care.” – Christine A.

“I can not say enough good about my experiences with Mary and her care for me during my pregnancy. I was very nervous throughout my pregnancy and Mary always took the time to ease my fears and provide excellent care. This was my third pregnancy and by far my best. Thank you, Mary. You are the best around.” – Amy J.

“Carmen is amazing. Infertility is stressful, emotional, and time consuming. Carmen makes the process as easy as can be. She is wonderful at her job.” – Amanda J.


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